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Loreena McKennitt for the first time in Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 24th & 25th 2013
October 25, 2013, 3:54 am
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As I write this brief about Loreena McKennitt, she is actually performing live for the first time in Argentina after almost 30 years of experience as part of her first South American tour , featuring two shows in Buenos Aires, and also in Brazil, (October 27th in Porto Alegre , October 28th in Rio de Janeiro , to finish lastly in 30th/31st in Sao Paulo) .

 As can be seen in this letter I kept from Quinlan Road dated in 1994, it was unthinkable by those days an event of this magnitude for the high costs addressed , but often the more we wish  unattainable things , they finally come true, and I have had to wait almost 21 years since my first correspondence with Loreena for this to occur , a meeting stuck in my memory and will surely be in all of her fans in Argentina .

Since long ago I acknowledged that Loreena liked to take time for her fans and likes to be in contact with them … I confirmed it last Monday during an event organized by her label at a local bookstore . There, stoic (despite a sore back )she  received one by one to all her fans by dedicating a special time to listen and sign their CDs . for more than 2 hours!

It was for me a wonderful meeting , one of those meetings in which one tunes up from the very beginning and perceives that you know each other for years. Loreena received some memorabilia from me as the first review issued by me in the local “Discover” magazine in December 1994 edited by the celebrated Andres Valle ( responsible for the eponymous record store and a pioneer in the selling CDs of Celtic music ) a copy of the CD ” Awen ” by BRAN , and a greeting from the entire community of my Facebook Page “Amigos Celtas” , which was welcomed and kindly returned.

It is known that at this stage of her career she wants to spend more time with her family , and perhaps her tours shall be shorter , but besides we may enjoy her or not, Loreena undoubtedly has the humility that characterizes the great artists , the eternal wisdom that leaves us not only with her art but with her enlightened presence …


   Photo courtesy of Marty Fer ( Triddana )

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