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Celtic Poems: Under the Moon
August 28, 2012, 4:40 pm
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I have no happiness in dreaming of Brycelinde,
Nor Avalon the grass-green hollow, nor Joyous Isle,
Where one found Lancelot crazed and hid him for a while;
Nor Uladh, when Naoise had thrown a sail upon the wind;
Nor lands that seem too dim to be burdens on the heart:
Land-under-Wave, where out of the moon’s light and the sun’s
Seven old sisters wind the threads of the long-lived ones,
Land-of-the-Tower, where Aengus has thrown the gates apart,
And Wood-of-Wonders, where one kills an ox at dawn,
To find it when night falls laid on a golden bier.
Therein are many queens like Branwen and Guinevere;
And Niamh and Laban and Fand, who could change to an otter or fawn,
And the wood-woman, whose lover was changed to a blue-eyed hawk;
And whether I go in my dreams by woodland, or dun, or shore,
Or on the unpeopled waves with kings to pull at the oar,
I hear the harp-string praise them, or hear their mournful talk.
Because of something told under the famished horn
Of the hunter’s moon, that hung between the night and the day,
To dream of women whose beauty was folded in dismay,
Even in an old story, is a burden not to be borne.

(c) William Butler Yeats (1865-1939)

Lunar Calendar: The Promise Moon (August 17th to September 14th)
August 21, 2012, 6:58 pm
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Full Moon Blessings to you all….!
The Promise Moon is here.

This is a time for Prophecy.

This moon requires use of the forethought and far-seeing skills necessary to deciding what to keep and what to discard as we enter the dark uncertainty of survival through the season to come. In the calendar system we have provided as an example, this moon is frequently known as the the Promise Moon. This name reflects the promise of renewal, regeneration and rebirth awaiting us on the other side of the “death” represented by winter.

In many other belief systems there are already time-honored traditions for the establishment of a calendar. We have encluded a few examples here for you to consider.

In the Celtic Tree Calendar the wheel of the year the name of this moon is Gort (Ivy) which runs from September 30th through October 27th. Ivy often lives on after its host plant has died – a reminder to us that life goes on, in the endless cycle of life, death and rebirth.

Unlike the vine, the ivy is an evergreen which symbolizes the immortality or perennial aspect of nature and the human psyche. It also symbolizes a blessing of strength and eternal love.

The Runic Calendar of Nordic traditions, (which is governed by half months rather than full months), divides this moon of the year by Ken (Illumination) from September 13th through September 27th, and Gyfu (Gift) from September 28th through October 12th.

The Goddess Calendar names this moon of the year after Mala and runs from September 6th through October 2nd.

The American Backwoods Calendar refers to this moon of the year as the Hunters Moon and is determined by whichever full moon falls in October.

NOW is the time for prophecy. You already appreciate vitality and the sacrifices which balance it. NOW focus your attention and actions outward to see to the needs of the future. NOW decide what to preserve and what you no longer need. NOW determine the path you follow, and in so doing, also determine the paths which you must abandon. NOW separate what you bear into the coming season from what is an unnecessary burden and should be shed before winter begins.

You may call this the Wine Moon, the Hunters’ Moon, the Barley Moon, the Red Moon, the Blood Moon, or the Promise Moon. Whatever the name , you will know it as a time when the energy you have recently channeled into the harvest may be turned to preservation and preparation for the coming season. The waning daylight and growth of darkness with the approach of the Autumnal Equinox is evident. With this turn of the Season Cycle, a final blow completes the sacrifice of the Summer King. Quite simply put… summer dies… The trees lose their leaves… the vines curl and wither in the frost… the growth and fertility of summers’ glory fades to await the renewal of spring.

This is a time to banish the negative from your life. Do workings related to improving yourself, and placing a barricade between you and the things that are toxic to you. Ivy can be used in magic performed for healing, protection, cooperation, and to bind lovers together. Now is the time to cast your gaze fully inward to find and cut the thread of whatever secret regrets you still harbor.

So, with all that information to guide you, think of this moon as the best time to cut the threads of regret, loss, and unhappiness from the pattern you have been weaving in your life.

If you select a personal name for this moon, this name too, should reflect whatever reflects the promise of rebirth, regeneration and future renewal to you.

Ivy characters have great personal stamina and abundant talents that can bring personal honours and public recognition. People born under this sign generally are colourful individuals with a unique style of their own.

New Moon people are quite radical thinkers, akin to the Rowan Tree characters, but they have a more artistic temperament. They are, however, inclined to be rather indecisive and their success rate tends to swing between two extremes that will set the pattern of life accordingly.

Full Moon people radiate a successful image all the time despite suffering a reverse of fortunes. They are generous providers, but shrewd investors regarding their financial resources or income. They are extremely manipulative people who tend to use their position or power quite ruthlessly. As a result they often become involved in disputes and litigations.

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“Celtic Astrology” by Helena Paterson

Divinations for the Promise Moon (8-17-12 to 9-14-12)
August 21, 2012, 6:54 pm
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This is a time for Prophecy

This moon requires use of the forethought and far-seeing skills necessary to deciding what to keep and what to discard as we consider the uncertainty of survival through the seasons to come.

You have been growing with this years’ Wheel to understand and appreciate the mysteries of re-birth as Winter changed to Spring, and you have grown to understand the magic and power of fertility as Spring changed to Summer.

Now it is time to grow again in your understanding that from the fullness of Summers’ bounty comes the necessity for future planning as you consider the best use for all that you have harvested with this turn of the wheel.

In the last moonphase you honored vitality and the sacrifices which balance it through the rituals of Lammas. This moonphase will begin, wax to fullness, wane, and grow dark before the next celebration in the eight-spoked Wheel of the Year is upon us. Just as you actively move forward with each turn of the Wheel of the Year, you will rest and plan your next step between those turns. Now is one of those times. Now is the time of prophecy.

It is the time of outward action to see to the needs of the future.

It is the time of preserving and discarding that which is no longer needed.

It is the time of choosing the path you follow, and the paths which you must abandon.

It is the time to separate what you wish to carry into the coming season from what is an unnecessary burden and should be shed before Winter begins.

You may call this the Wine Moon, the Hunters’ Moon, the Barley Moon, the Promise Moon, the Berry Moon, or the Ivy Moon. Whatever the name, you will know it as a time when the energy you have recently channeled into growth and harvest must now be turned to preservation and preparation for the coming season.

So, let the prophetic planning begin! The cool thing about making future plans is that you don’t need to break a sweat, or move any major muscle groups to accomplish mighty marvels, so, stay right in that lawn chair while I get you another frosty beverage and you do what your Gramma used to call “daydreaming”.

Yeah… that’s it, what do you want to see come to pass before this year rolls on into history?

Where do you want to be when the new year rolls around?

What little tasks do you need to finish up before these daydreams reach the borders of reality?

What useless habits have you been dragging around that would best be dropped altogether?

Sit back… close your eyes… and we’ll take a look at what you need for your own best possible future…

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(All rights reserved by the author and re-posted under her kind permission)

Loreena Mc Kennitt: Fall tour in Quebec and Ottawa‏
August 16, 2012, 4:34 pm
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 I am so glad to share with you this recent Official Press from Quinlan Road

Loreena announces fall tour in Québec and Ottawa
Montréal pre-sale starts today!

August 15, 2012

Quinlan Road is excited to announce some upcoming concerts in the province of Quebec and Ottawa between Dec 1 and Dec 10.

  As the details continue to be finalised for other cities, we are pleased to announce that Loreena will be presenting a concert at Place Des Arts in Montreal on Dec 6, 2012. Pre-sale tickets are available now.

Accompanied by four of her longtime colleagues, violinist Hugh Marsh, guitarist Brian Hughes, cellist Caroline Lavelle and hurdy-gurdy player / percussionist Ben Grossman, Loreena’s program will consist of music from across her “eclectic Celtic” catalogue of recordings including her most recent studio recording, The Wind that Shakes the Barley, as well as some lesser-known, seasonal carols. Woven into this intimate evening, Loreena will share some of the stories and travels behind her songs… a pursuit of the Celtic story which encompasses her journeys to Ireland, Brittany, Russia , Turkey, Mongolia, China, and beyond.

“I’m very much looking forward to sharing some of the more intimate material. I have always loved playing with the larger band (performing songs like The Mummers Dance, etc.) and will do so in the future,” says Loreena. “These concerts, however, are intended to be a much more personal experience, which will have a different focus in terms of songs and arrangements. And it will be a pleasure to include some seasonal works, which I haven’t had the opportunity to perform in the past.”

As always, QR Community Members are the first to be informed of tours, pre-sale opportunities, new releases and special events. Visit our pre-sale page to purchase tickets for the Montreal show today. Regional email updates will be sent as the remaining dates begin pre-sale. If you reside outside Quebec and Ontario, we encourage you to visit this exclusive, members-only page regularly, for further updates.

"The Celtic Harp" by Eliseo Mauas Pinto

Greetings to you all ! ☼

My New Ebook is already published!

Today is a special date, not only because it is Lugnasadh, but also because I am  celebrating  the 25th Anniversary of my first Live Performance along with my Salvi lever harp. 
A memorable date it was indeed, since it was the first time a celtic harp did sound in Buenos Aires; and with which I played by the way, original and arranged traditional tunes as a founding member of the “Poitín” line-up, the first celtic folk group ever established in Argentina. A nice event indeed for the occasion of the celebrations of the Lugnasadh Festival.

So what a worthier way to join this celebration but with the edition of a book about the “Celtic Harp”?…= :o)

“The Celtic Harp” is a very interesting quick guide not only approaching to questions regarding the origins of its name, its history and revival, but also to the surviving types,suggested Celtic Harpists and a list of related external links.

A very useful source indeed for all those interested in getting acquainted with this ancient instrument so related to the enchanting music of airs, songs, and jingling dance tunes. 

I hope you will be able to experience with this information much of the same evocative feeling I had while writing the book,the very emotional sense deep rooted in  the everlasting Celtic spirituality of the harp.

More than a compilation of useful information for all those interested in exploring the magical world  of the Celtic harp, this book is almost a labour of love,and my public recognition  for all those pleasant hours it gave to meand the portals I was able to trespass thanks to it .

Therefore the book is for FREE so you may download it thoroughly from this link  my Author’s Page on Smashwords.

I hope you’ve shared my passion and felt the wish to trace the same sacred paths  that lead us to a world of crystal sounds,a world enlightened by the vivid bonfires of love and remembrance of our ancients.

Let the Celtic Spirit keep on flaming on our souls… 
 Bliss and blessings to you all!