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Celtic Symbolism : Mother-Right
July 28, 2011, 7:19 pm
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I share with you this interesting blog by Sobeit on “Mother-Right” as previously posted on “In the Mists of Avalon” … all rights reserved by the author.

“They bound themselves by the sun and moon that the possession of Pictish kingdom …… should be held by right of the female rather than that of male progeny to the end of the world.”
____ Geoffrey Keating, Fonus Feasa ar Eirinn
In our times, a reconsideration of the role and status of women has brought us into new relationship with mother-right, with a proper acknowledgment, of the gifts of the feminine. For men and women this has been a rediscovery of a secret inheritance, for our connection with the mother-country of the soul has been fractured. Our society has been (and for the most part still is) patriarchal: things are ordered from the masculine point of view, generally for the benefit and enhancement of masculine privileges. That which partakes of the feminine has been marginalized and neglected – including not only the lives of women but also feminine side of male nature.
A whole new way of living and valuing things comes into focus when we consider the mother-right. The hidden side of our nature, then side that intuits rather than reasons, the part that views things from the inside out rather than from the outside in, can come into play when mother-right is allowed to function normally. This does not mean switching a patriarchy for a matriarchy, for each of these extremes is as unbalanced as the other. Rather, it means allowing the side of our society and individuality that has been recessive to take its rightful place. The recognition of the feminine quietly acknowledges the intrinsically royal nature of mother-right, which speaks as sovereign from the depths of the mother-country – a land that still wants to be fully rediscovered and restored.

“Meditate upon the feminine within your life. Revisit the mother-country of the soul where the feminine’s holy and regal nature is recognized.”
[From: The Celtic Spirit by Caitlin Matthews]

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